Coded Art

A developing definition of Coded Art.
Art that combines and integrates technology features like QR Codes and smart tags into the process of image creation – Jassen

My journey began in 2011 to establish a category of contemporary artwork based on coded art. I felt compelled to encourage leading designers and organizations from around the world to share and participate in this idea. As a way to forge something new, I hosted a QR Code design event, QR4 World, in London.

Seeking some grounding and authority for the category, I managed to involve contemporary art experts from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London to judge the event and display the selected images in their Institute. One of my images, Mobile Bouquet, was selected as part of the result.

Coded images displayed at Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London

This gave me more confidence to further develop my coded images.  In 2012, I managed to have my first solo exhibition in Lodz, Poland at Galeria ADI Art. The showing produced a few reviews and an interview on a regional cable television network.

Throughout that year, I moved forward on what was learned so far, and began to define a style for my coded images, called Poppeye. Each image was like an eye in that it could see beyond the physical world and point viewers into the Internet of Things world. My aim was to define the style to be recognizable and to differentiate it from other artists working on coded images.

The challenge ahead of me now is to find or create meaningful content that connects the art to viewers. In an age where personal fragmented communication trumps dialog, why would anyone care or bother with art that is static, unsociable and non-interactive? How can viewers engage in art and enhance this experience? Other American Artists have formed new categories of art such as Jackson Pollock, who used new techniques to communicate ideas and expressions of the times we live in. “New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements … the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture.”  What should be communicated through art today?

In my perspective, viewers of art, can become part of the creation process, and co-exist in the development of meaniful expression. The reward, in this respect, is not defined by its objective satisfaction of completion, but rather how people engaged subjectively with it. What did you add to the story hanging on the museum wall.

Connecting viewers to stories, things, content and other people through art is a meaniful experience for me. The coded paint on the surface is my technique to bridge viewers to something more, something unseen, an invitation to participate. A code on the surface may lead to many things, signposts, or other bridges. Experiencing something new, such as coded art, requires both an open mind and willingness to decode and engage.



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