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    I have had a number of interesting opportunities as a creative throughout my life. A highlight was studying, living and working outside of the United States for about a decade. During this time, I further developed my passion of integrating technology features into the image making process. My journey in the arts has led to a fine art degree in the US, and a Master Degree in the UK. It has been a challenging time but gave me an opportunity to earn world awards in the commercial arts (for previous employers), make creative contributions in the Internet of Things, and take part in research projects within the digital economy, UK. Over the past 20 years, I have had an interest in technology and its role in the creative process.


    The visual artwork that I create involves a range of tokenizations, NFTs, cryptographic, machine learning/AI models and mobile features into the image making process.



    Art and Technology


    As an emerging technology artist, I am interested in the advancement of Blockchain technology, NFT creation, and mobile integration. I believe defining the role of an artist (creative) is becoming more challenging with the advancement of technology but necessary as a form of discussion and cultural diplomacy to enhance our societies and humanity.


  • Branding Blockchain Features

    Financial Software

    jassen popp collection on sportcash one
    blocktime financial

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    jassen popp collection on sportcash one
    jassen popp nft collection

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  • Bird of the code

    A fiscal sponsored project at Fractured Atlas.

    Art Project


    Seeking donations, commissions or sponsorship to enhance project with 501c(3) fiscal sponsor


    A bird like character is embedded with cryptocurrency, digital assets and mobile features

    3D Bird Design

    Hand made postcards that can be cut out and assembled into bird like characters


    Works on canvas, wood and steel.


    It may lead you to a digital wallet, peaceful words and many more digital things.

  • Bird Of The Code is a creative project that integrates mobile smart tags into the art making process. The idea of the project is to provide a technological way for viewers and supporters to connect with the project’s content beyond the surface of the artwork. The content is positive and meant to be a method to communicate and express a form of cultural diplomacy. With a bird like theme, the framework of the project has three creative parts; sculptures, paintings, and block printing. Each part integrates a coded feature such as QR Codes into the visual surface and assembled forms.

    The art project is fiscal sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity located in NY, New York. Contributions for the purposes of Bird Of The Code are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


    To create a collection of technology embedded artwork that can express and deliver new ideas and encourage innovative ways to communicate through the arts. Create a public presence for artwork on the blockchain.

    About Sponsor

    Fractured Atlas's fiscal sponsorship program helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources.

  • Tip with A NIM, Eth, Matic

    "It is money by nature but capable to do much more."-NIMIQ

  • Storytelling


  • Interests, Resources and Affiliates

    A.I, Blockchain technology, IoT, QRCodes,

    Portion, NY

    Auction House

    Art on Blockchain

    Developing partnership with Portion for tangible (physical) artworks to auction Unicorn themed series.


    Art for Good

    Energy of Art

    Technology focused art that can serve as a social good. Developing a partnership with Ipowercoin to symbolize emerging "Unicorns" in the blockchain power industry.

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  • A<I>3

    Writing Project

    ebook jassen popp max stark novella


    A Max Stark Novella

    Max Stark begins his journey in a small town in Wisconsin. He stumbles across a glass key embedded with artificial intelligence technology. Along the way, he uncovers high tech clues such as blockchain artifacts and cryptographic features. The more Stark learns about the key, the more dangerous his journey becomes. ebook

    jassen popp max stark novella

    Max Stark

    AI, Action, Fiction

    Paperback version of first edition in the novella series. Cover is based on drawings that I created of the three main characters. The back cover contains a cryptographic feature related to the plot. paperback

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    Ebook & Paperback

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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