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  • Jassen

    I have had a number of interesting opportunities as a creative throughout my life. A highlight was studying, living and working outside of the United States for about a decade. During this time, I further developed my passion of integrating technology features into the image making process. My journey in the arts has led to two art degrees in two countries, world awards in the commercial arts (for previous employers), contributions in the Internet of Things, and research participation in the digital economy, UK. Over the past 20 years, I have had an interest in technology and its role in the image making process.


    The artwork that I create involves a range of cryptographic, machine learning/AI models and mobile features into the image making process. This exploration is focused on embedding elements that may connect or embody content that the viewer has an option to participate with at some level and for applications on the blockchain or as means for digital connectivity.


    As an emerging technology artist, I am interested in the advancement of Blockchain technology, machine learning AI such as text to image models and mobile integration. I believe defining the role of an artist is becoming more challenging with the advancement of technology but necessary as a form of discussion and cultural diplomacy to enhance our societies and humanity.


  • A<I>3

    Writing Project


    A Novel

    Max Stark travels through Wisconsin and finds a keepsake key in a resale shop. The key is made of glass but what it opens is something dangerous.

    Stark starts out in a run down port town. The key he discovers is just one element in a vast Artificial Intelligence criminal enterprise.

    Max Stark

    AI, Suspense, and Mystery

    Publish deadline is April 5, 2019. Will be available on Kindle/ebook and Paperback. A<i>3 is a work of fiction.

  • Bird of the code

    A fiscal sponsored project at Fractured Atlas.

    Art Project


    Seeking donations, commissions or sponsorship to enhance project with 501c(3) fiscal sponsor


    A bird like character is embedded with cryptocurrency, digital assets and mobile features

    3D Bird Design

    Hand made postcards that can be cut out and assembled into bird like characters


    Works on canvas, wood and steel.


    It may lead you to a digital wallet, peaceful words and many more digital things.

  • Bird Of The Code is a creative project that integrates mobile smart tags into the art making process. The idea of the project is to provide a technological way for viewers and supporters to connect with the project’s content beyond the surface of the artwork. The content is positive and meant to be a method to communicate and express a form of cultural diplomacy. With a bird like theme, the framework of the project has three creative parts; sculptures, paintings, and block printing. Each part integrates a coded feature such as QR Codes into the visual surface and assembled forms.

    The art project is fiscal sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) public charity located in NY, New York. Contributions for the purposes of Bird Of The Code are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


    To create a collection of technology embedded artwork that can express and deliver new ideas and encourage innovative ways to communicate through the arts. Create a public presence for artwork on the blockchain.

    About Sponsor

    Fractured Atlas's fiscal sponsorship program helps artists and arts organizations raise money from charitable sources.

  • Scope of Unicorn Mosaic project

    Numbers, goals, targets


    18,000 round glass tiles in first Ethereum Mosaic


    Crypto Tokens to be created.

    # Series

    120 mosaics in project series


    First exhibition took place at Washington Elite AI & Blockchain Summit, Washington, DC -November 30th-December 1

  • Market Case

    The Unicorn mosaic project has the potential to be a first of its kind case study for tokenizing artwork on the Blockchain. The case has two facets; the first being how the artwork has been constructed; and secondly a cryptographic feature built into the design of the headlining mosaic.

    The process of creating the mosaic consisted of building an image with approximately 18,000 round glass tiles. The premise was to use the tiles as a way to express a form of utilized art items with individual material resources. Each item (tile) becomes a representation of this utility and makes the artwork complete as a Unicorn image.

    The potential outlets for the Unicorn Mosaic as a tokenized product utility include art auctions, personal collectability and exchange tradability. The Unicorn Art is a new market case; however it can be benchmarked against current non-fungible artworks currently on the Blockchain that are being purchased with cryptocurrency. For example, “Crypto Kitties,” are non-fungible creations that have a limited form of distribution on the blockchain. Multiple and similar looking kitties are produced as unique items. Each Kitty has a limited number of reproductions or copies drafted by smart contracts per item. This forms a digital scarcity for an item by number and appropriated smart contract formation developed as a certification of ownership and identity on the Blockchain.

    In contrast, the mosaic is a unique item with the fungible ability as a part of a larger theme or series. The artwork itself is not divided into tokens but represents a form of multi-itemized product utilities. For example, tokens can be used to develop products and services to enhance the artist/artists and service related partnerships. This differentiates the Unicorn case from current art market items on the Blockchain. It steers away from fractionalizing a single commodity and rather provides a real world use of tokens within a community. A further distinction is the physical nature of the mosaic and its product features to be tokenized. The advantage being that the single work can function on multiple levels of interactions on the Blockchain and in the physical world as a diverse art product. The reference to “Crypto Kitties” is an example of non- physical (digital) art being created for the purpose of collectability. The Unicorn Mosaic completes both objectives as a utility in a digital form and as a tangible (physical) work of fine art. It also contains a level of digital scarcity for collectors as a capped token and limited in series. By incorporating a crypto feature into the surface of the work, the Unicorn fosters a use of blockchain directly and on transaction within ledger, indirectly.

    The potential of tokenizing a representational theme of art as a product utility may provide new channels for how artists can participate in the advancement of Blockchain technology. It may also provide support for communities that are engaged in enhancing art market auctions on the Blockchain. The aim is provide contributors with an art product utility that has marketability and real world potential for bridging the gap between creatives and blockchain technology.

    Unicorn Token Model

    As a new art market style token the aim is to build three main tiers of utility; applications, products and services to bridge art with blockchain technology.


    The aim is to develop partnerships and resources that holders of the Unicorn token can utilize. For example, an artist would like to photograph one of their works of art. Recently, 3barn studios agreed/partnered to receive Unicorn tokens in exchange for creative services. They will accept Unicorn tokens as a form of trade. This is a real world (service) case example but it may apply to more digital products and applications in the future that a community can utilize.


    The Unicorn token is a case for of how tokenization can add value in the creative industry. The strategy is focused on producing tangible artwork as a means to represent value of tokenization.

    Objectives are to raise interest level, develop agreements and implement token into tangible use case scenarios.


    To increase awareness by crowdfunding, exhibitions, auctions and publication.

    To increase value of token of partnerships and agreements by enhancing exchange ability.

    To increase positive results of implementation by evaluating market activity of Unicorn token.


    Token compliance

    Unicorn Token Art has structured the Unicorn token sale to comply with applicable regulatory requirements as a product utility. The token sale will be structured as a reward based crowdfunding campaign. For contributing to the sale, donors will receive Unicorn Tokens (UTK).

    Art Product Utility

    Donors that participated in the Unicorn token sale as contributors will receive UTK tokens.


    The UTK token functions as a utility product for the development of applications, products and services. Specifically for the headlining Unicorn Mosaic which is the first of the art product utility artworks. Token sales will help to position Unicorn represented artworks at Blockchain events, exhibitions, auctions or private/public viewings that are intended to foster positive growth for Unicorn token value.

  • Token Distribution

    The total number of UTK is to be capped at 20 million tokens.

    The token will be hosted and implemented on the Waves platform. Waves (WAVES) only accepts cryptocurrency on platform for exchange such as Bitcoin and Ethereum among others to be traded for their coin. Hosting/implementing on (WAVES) platform provides buyers with a third party transaction facility. Holders of the Unicorn Token can trade token as a market entity on the platform.


    Why WAVES and not write contract token in Ethereum? The decision to not issue an Ethereum based contract for tokenization was due to a few unknown variables such as the gas needed to develop the contracts. Ethereum contracts run on gas which is potentially something to consider for UTK in the future. Waves, however, offered a onetime fee for issuing token and seemed more appealing for mass application adoption, newcomer ease of access to the crypto segment, has a lower cost to entry, and advance features for experts utilizing the existing platform.


    Crowdfunding of the token can additionally be achieved directly via the artwork and directly onsite via exhibitions. The Unicorn mosaic and other works in this framework are directly embedded with an Ethereum wallet which offers viewers, collectors, buyers with a go to for peer to peer purchases and for transparency of transactions within the artwork itself. For example, a buyer is not on the Waves platform and would like to purchase the Unicorn token in a pre-sale. The Unicorn token will be priced in Waves and offered price based in Ethereum for transaction. However, because the Unicorn token is not an Ethereum based token the purchaser will need to have a (WAVES) platform wallet to be issued Unicorn token. Ethereum is a popular platform and cryptocurrency ranked second to Bitcoin. It is a strong feature to embed directly into the artwork and provides a direct link to the cryptographic nature of the artwork.

    Token Objectives

    Sell 10 million UTK tokens and distribute as widely as possible to decentralize utility.

    Raise 50% of the total market cap with a set price of $0.25 of a (WAVES) coin value.


    Raise awareness of art token and ability to bridge other artists, products, services to utilize feature.

  • Interests, Resources and Affiliates

    Blockchain technology, IoT, QRCodes,

    Portion, NY

    Auction House

    Art on Blockchain

    Developing partnership with Portion for tangible (physical) artworks to auction Unicorn themed series in 2019.


    Art for Good

    Energy of Art

    Technology focused art that can serve as a social good. Developing a partnership with Ipowercoin to symbolize emerging "Unicorns" in the blockchain power industry.

  • Roadmap

    In 2018-2019



    Exhibit at Blockchain event and register token



    Offer token, develop team, begin partnership



    Begin blockchain auction process, develop partnerships, distribute token



    Create and attract more product services, apps, and resources



    Exhibition tour

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