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  • block time financial

    Blockchain - Tokenization


    Partnership Development

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    Harness and utilize Blockchain Technologies to provide your business with a competitive advantage. Partner with Block Time Financial today and see the difference blockchain technology can make for your success. Block Time Financial is continuously innovating in the cryptocurrency space and recently leveraged Stellar to unlock new possibilities. Our initiative utilizes the growing ecosystem of applications built on Stellar to increase accessibility and solve some of the most pressing issues facing blockchain technology today.

  • Design | Branding

    Graphics, Product Ideation, Content Development

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    As a skilled brand strategist and creative designer, Jassen Popp offers clients a unique blend of expertise in graphics, brand development, content development, and identity design. With over 15 years of experience working with global clients and teams, Jassen is able to adapt to different cultures and communication styles while delivering impactful campaigns that align with a brand's identity.


    Jassen's proficiency in graphic design using Adobe Creative Suite and certification in AI content creation allows him to produce visually appealing and engaging marketing materials for clients across various media sources. His experience in brand development and creative direction ensures that all campaigns and brand messaging are consistent with a brand's identity.


  • Artwork

    Fineart - Digital Works

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    Jassen Art & Design represents my works of tech embedded art and commercial designs. This includes integration of technology into design and branding themes for clients. Interested in NFTs, blockchain, machine learning, ai, and cryptography in the creative process.

  • Art project - FEAT

    Fostering Excellence and Achieving Triumphs


    At FEAT, Fostering Excellence and Achieving Triumphs, our mission is to fuse the power of art and athletic pursuits to create a transformative sculptural experience for individuals and communities. Through public art installations, we aim to inspire and uplift the human spirit while promoting the importance of setting and achieving goals in both physical and creative endeavors. Our goal is to use art as a social good, bringing people together and fostering a sense of connection and empowerment.

    Fiscal Sponsor


    The FEAT sculptures are approximately 10 feet tall by 3 feet wide, making them a striking presence in any public space.


    Seeking donations, commissions or sponsorship to enhance project with Fractured Atlas 501c(3) fiscal sponsor

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